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From source:

Princess luna obviously inspired by Dancer of the boreal valley

finally finished after many many attempts ;w;
There are still a few things that could be improved, but for now i just want to be done with it
safe993445 artist:kitten-in-the-jar47 character:princess luna65875 species:alicorn137236 species:pony670654 g4283029 clothing300572 crescent moon1115 crown10538 crying23253 ear fluff18700 eyes closed55170 female746007 floppy ears31188 hoof shoes3419 jewelry38290 mare295998 moon13697 necklace11783 night15805 peytral2112 profile5659 regalia12367 see-through2926 semi-anthro6933 sexy18023 shoes22189 solo629946 spread wings34196 stupid sexy princess luna393 veil533 wings71588


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