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[Parent tweet:] Cuz trending
safe988237 artist:miokomata776 character:fluttershy115908 oc376093 oc:mio35 species:human75014 species:pegasus185957 species:pony665374 g4280249 breasts156166 chest freckles480 cleavage21814 cute127273 duo38727 female741882 freckles17966 freckleshy180 gray background4264 holding2121 holding a pony1707 humanized53247 in goliath's palm120 looking at you98895 mare292364 profile5281 shoulder freckles591 shyabetes8693 simple background235119 size difference7004 solo focus10851 species swap12394 stylus148 tank top4771 tiny642 tiny ponies845 winged humanization4356 wings69849


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