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Uploaded 18 September 2012.
dead source12124 safe988253 artist:aurorie6 character:apple bloom27824 character:scootaloo27933 character:sweetie belle26186 species:bird5031 species:earth pony141580 species:pegasus185967 species:pony665386 species:unicorn184531 g4280265 apple9501 apple bloom's bow833 apple family member2270 blank flank3998 blep5225 bow15801 canvas283 cloud18259 colored eyebrows1546 cutie mark crusaders11032 digital art10088 digital painting211 dragonfly83 easel274 eyebrows6967 eyebrows visible through hair2450 female741894 filly35844 floppy ears30767 foal8958 food41776 grass5598 hair bow8758 insect882 music notes2068 open mouth81815 paint on fur241 paintbrush968 painting2241 red sky63 redraw1060 signature16023 sky8781 tongue out54498 wings spread wings2 young1491


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