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Uploaded 18 September 2012.
dead source12051 safe983169 artist:aurorie6 character:apple bloom27684 character:scootaloo27830 character:sweetie belle26073 species:bird4968 species:earth pony139753 species:pegasus183963 species:pony659912 species:unicorn182206 g4274525 :p4836 apple9450 apple bloom's bow795 apple family member2012 blank flank3974 blep5103 bow15582 canvas280 cloud17987 colored eyebrows901 comparison2242 cutie mark crusaders10986 digital art9829 digital painting190 dragonfly81 easel272 eyebrows4406 eyebrows visible through hair1635 female736395 filly35570 floppy ears30078 foal8826 food41436 grass5483 hair bow8609 insect864 music notes2044 open mouth80337 paint on fur241 paintbrush962 painting2214 red sky61 redraw1023 signature14828 sky8479 tongue out54104 wings spread wings2 young1212


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