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Uploaded to DeviantArt on 4 June 2022.

Twitter description (4 June 2022):
Octavia Melody and Little Bird
#mlp #mlpfanart #mylittlepony #mlpfim #mlpfriendshipismagic #DJPON3 #Octavia #bird
safe993789 artist:dash wang75 character:dj pon-316914 character:octavia melody14413 character:vinyl scratch16921 oc377498 oc:cream brun56 species:bird5075 species:earth pony143568 species:pony671100 species:unicorn186740 g4283314 bench1476 bush1606 dappled sunlight211 female746433 lake971 lying down10031 mare296361 mountain3248 mountain range387 pier339 prone15871 sitting39091 smiling153321 three quarter view3293 tree19845


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