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safe983895 artist:baron engel1971 character:rarity104757 oc375043 species:anthro146725 species:griffon16112 species:pony660883 species:unguligrade anthro27978 species:unicorn182598 g4275544 belt3252 black and white7409 boots12964 briefcase88 business suit229 clothing296920 explicit source4492 grayscale22535 grimdark source90 gun8362 handshake59 horn29963 jacket7893 monochrome85442 necktie4011 pants9531 pencil drawing5663 rifle1956 shirt14741 shoes21624 simple background233114 skirt23696 skirt suit114 story in the source1362 tail14541 traditional art65592 vest2477 weapon17459 white background54538 wings68198


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