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From source (24 April 2022):
safe988302 artist:miokomata776 character:discord17124 character:fluttershy115918 species:draconequus6528 species:pegasus185997 species:pony665449 ship:discoshy1317 g4280299 aside glance99 bust28773 colored hooves5123 duo38733 duo male and female541 eye clipping through hair3848 female741953 floppy ears30776 folded wings3825 freckles17972 freckleshy180 frown14643 gradient background7808 hand4674 hand on head1236 high res16939 holding2123 holding a pony1707 hooves12311 hug17093 looking at you98920 male196829 mare292423 shipping103328 signature16028 simple background235130 smiling150805 smiling at you1665 straight64146 three quarter view3005 wings69874


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