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Development art for my #MLP RESF, dreamscape. As a commanding officer #Rarity is a very busy mare.

So she hasn't had much time to practice her love for fashion design. But she still finds time now and then. Like making an outfit for Coco Pommel.
suggestive81347 artist:baron engel2075 character:coco pommel3408 character:rarity105113 species:anthro147573 species:earth pony141985 species:pony666901 species:unguligrade anthro28320 species:unicorn184988 g4281220 black and white7535 bodysuit1321 breasts156262 catsuit850 cleavage21847 clothing299513 dialogue44621 duo39028 duo female6761 explicit source5595 female742891 females only7995 flower15403 flower in hair4730 grayscale22690 grimdark source155 horn31457 implied marshmallow coco10 mare293345 monochrome85683 pencil drawing5766 shirt15068 simple background235498 sketch34813 skirt23852 tail15631 text27660 traditional art65842 unzipped221 utility belt30 white background55338


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