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Tomb Friends!
Take my Hoof
Leaving her Crypt
Finding Herself

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safe983878 artist:wispy tuft100 part of a set7144 character:petunia paleo168 oc375037 oc:mummydew7 species:earth pony140093 species:pony660859 g4275523 bow15615 butt22294 clothing296904 crypt6 cute125391 duo37904 duo female6261 egyptian509 egyptian pony171 explicit source4483 female737286 females only7739 filly35636 from behind6131 hair bow8629 hat52306 limited palette1049 mummy311 mummy wrap9 ocbetes3475 one leg raised116 open mouth80592 petuniabetes41 pickaxe341 pith helmet392 pyramid201 scarab18 tail14530 tomb40 undead789 wholesome249 young1279


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