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Applebloom decides to do some stretching exercises before her next martial arts lesson with Zecora in my #Equestria dreamscape.
safe993789 artist:baron engel2085 character:apple bloom27890 oc377498 oc:stone mane37 species:earth pony143568 species:pony671099 g4283315 apple bloom's bow863 apple family member2679 black and white7540 bow15955 canon x oc12347 colt7414 dock24453 duo39851 duo male and female717 explicit source5774 female746433 filly36126 foal9149 grayscale22702 grimdark source155 hair bow8872 male198118 monochrome85803 pencil drawing5788 shipping103965 simple background236980 splits211 story in the source1379 straight64399 stretching1412 tail16256 traditional art65956 white background55872 yoga mat112 young1844


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