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And here's the final drawing from my most recent Picarto stream. The theme was swimsuits and this was a request from folks in the chat. Winona has decided to prank Applejack. Big Mac is stunned. Applebloom is not surprised, and Autumn Blaze is laughing her head off.

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suggestive81581 artist:baron engel2085 character:apple bloom27890 character:applejack97731 character:autumn blaze2488 character:big mcintosh15025 character:winona1560 species:anthro147896 species:dog5678 species:earth pony143568 species:kirin5507 species:pony671099 species:unguligrade anthro28392 g4283315 apple bloom's bow863 apple family member2679 bikini11585 black and white7540 bow15955 breasts156447 busty apple bloom1049 busty applejack5957 busty autumn blaze160 clothing300686 covering2410 covering breasts231 dialogue44910 explicit source5774 eyebrows8514 freckles18370 grayscale22702 grimdark source155 hair bow8872 horn32569 implied autumnjack10 laughing4884 leonine tail4906 monochrome85803 older14494 older apple bloom1368 pencil drawing5788 pointing2782 running3798 side-tie bikini343 simple background236980 swimming trunks317 swimsuit17628 tail16256 text28003 topless7607 traditional art65956 unshorn fetlocks18019 wardrobe malfunction3027 white background55872


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