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From source (4 August 2022):
🌙💙Nightcute and Heartbreaker ❤️☀️
Ohhh… I mean Nightmare and Daybreaker <3

#mlp #pony #art

DeviantArt description (4 August 2022):
Ohhh… I mean Nightmare and Daybreaker <3
safe984332 artist:radioaxi3 character:daybreaker1736 character:nightmare moon9401 character:princess celestia55750 character:princess luna65534 species:alicorn135674 species:pony661500 g4276111 cute125562 diabreaker54 duo38085 female737889 grin22079 helmet6749 jewelry36895 looking at you97404 mare288897 moonabetes205 raised hoof28450 regalia11913 smiling149279 three quarter view2339 underhoof27078


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