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Some development drawings for an upcoming #Anthro #MLP commission that will have Princess Cadence wearing a sun dress. So I sent 3 possible designs to the client for them to chose one.
safe989701 artist:baron engel2075 character:princess cadance18557 species:alicorn136655 species:anthro147573 species:pony666901 species:unguligrade anthro28320 g4281220 absolute cleavage2108 black and white7535 breasts156262 cleavage21847 clothing299513 explicit source5595 female742891 grayscale22690 grimdark source155 hat52895 horn31457 mare293345 monochrome85683 pencil drawing5766 simple background235498 sketch34813 solo627653 spread wings33560 study65 sundress177 tail15631 traditional art65842 white background55338 wings70355


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