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Some development drawings for an upcoming #Anthro #MLP commission that will have Princess Cadence wearing a sun dress. So I sent 3 possible designs to the client for them to chose one.
safe993894 artist:baron engel2085 character:princess cadance18582 species:alicorn137316 species:anthro147899 species:pony671199 species:unguligrade anthro28393 g4283351 absolute cleavage2112 black and white7540 breasts156448 cleavage21882 clothing300710 explicit source5774 female746508 grayscale22702 grimdark source155 hat53264 horn32603 mare296419 monochrome85803 pencil drawing5788 simple background237035 sketch34949 solo630250 spread wings34274 study65 sundress179 tail16266 traditional art65957 white background55893 wings71750


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