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From source (11 August 2022):
I ought to draw more of these two
safe985144 artist:nookprint115 character:fluttershy115543 character:rarity104868 species:pegasus184847 species:pony662476 species:unicorn183315 ship:rarishy885 g4277056 blah blah blah32 blushing105216 butterscotch928 colored hooves4705 dialogue44249 eyes closed54256 female738872 floating heart1242 floppy ears30470 half r63 shipping1089 heart25415 high res16532 hooves11740 male196244 mare289720 open mouth81029 open smile635 profile4846 raised hoof28500 rule 6314533 shipping103021 sitting38171 smiling149628 stallion64309 straight64048 text27231 unshorn fetlocks16298 wings68812


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