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From source (13 August 2022):
Got bored and did this last night. Love how it came out.
safe992566 artist:phoenixfox962 character:daybreaker1760 character:nightmare moon9450 character:princess celestia55974 character:princess luna65833 species:alicorn137072 species:pony669791 g4282363 armor14938 blue eyes2727 blue mane452 clothing300307 colored pupils6464 curved horn4139 digital art10261 ear fluff18583 ethereal mane5039 eyelashes5506 eyeshadow8922 feather3505 female745175 flowing mane813 galaxy mane3089 glowing266 glowing horn12593 helmet6907 hoof shoes3400 horn32050 jewelry38173 looking at you100020 magic45671 magic aura3003 makeup11596 mare295262 necklace11739 orange eyes184 orange mane50 peytral2094 royal sisters2890 shoes22151 siblings4571 sisters5245 smiling152648 spread wings34006 stars9250 teeth5116 wing armor49 wings71252


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