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From source (23 August 2022):
Happy birthday! @emberslament
I'm so, so, so, so sorry I didn't finish until today
#MLP #mylittlepony
safe985238 artist:sweeter_sakura3 oc375564 oc only252458 oc:bay breeze418 species:pegasus184877 species:pony662577 g4277142 blushing105227 bow15694 cake5976 clothing297913 colored pupils6304 cute125920 eyebrows5973 eyebrows visible through hair2103 female738970 food41581 hair bow8690 hat52493 mare289810 open mouth81053 party hat1450 pegasus oc4198 present3463 simple background233887 solo624837 starry eyes1999 text27254


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