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Uploaded to source on 30 September 2022.
safe989757 artist:thebigstuff8938 character:fluttershy115997 character:sunset shimmer40463 character:twilight sparkle172198 character:twilight sparkle (unicorn)9953 species:pegasus186545 species:pony666952 species:unicorn185009 g4281272 my little pony:equestria girls128512 colored hooves5237 colored pupils6427 daffodil and daisy sandwich23 dialogue44622 female742945 floppy ears30887 food41874 frown14680 glowing187 glowing horn12461 high res17429 hooves12511 horn31497 in the human world for too long85 levitation7697 magic45483 magic aura2912 mare293394 open mouth82160 picnic799 picnic blanket589 profile5347 sandwich1170 sitting38666 telekinesis17564 text27662 tree19674 trio6050 unshorn fetlocks16890 wavy mouth2219


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