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One of the requests from my most recent Picarto stream. The theme that night was the changing of the seasons from summer to autumn, and if we're talking about autumn with have to consider Autumn Blaze.

Just like Twilight Sparkle it appears that Autumn Blaze is learning Ponyville traditions by participating in the Fall Running of the Leaves. Also Autumn apparently has figured out how to keep the opposition distracted, or at least Applejack.

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safe993445 artist:baron engel2080 character:applejack97720 character:autumn blaze2485 species:anthro147851 species:earth pony143354 species:kirin5497 species:unguligrade anthro28384 g4283029 abs6300 applejack's hat4157 belly button45086 black and white7540 clothing300572 cowboy hat9604 crop top34 duo39728 duo female7041 explicit source5769 eyebrows8414 eyelashes5568 female746007 females only8014 freckles18347 grayscale22702 grimdark source155 hat53233 horn32422 implied autumnjack10 implied lesbian1995 implied shipping2882 leaves1202 leonine tail4900 looking back31175 mare295998 midriff12282 monochrome85794 pencil drawing5783 ponytail11689 running3797 running of the leaves135 shipping103897 shorts9176 simple background236784 stetson3885 tail16154 tank top4782 traditional art65948 unshorn fetlocks17876 white background55812


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