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While Stone Mane was having a very confusing dream about Applebloom. Princess Luna was having a far more disturbing dream about the filly in my Equestria dreamscape.

As Prophecy slowly recovers for her serious medical condition, and Princess Luna has succeeded in banishing Lurker from stalking the mare the princess has been able help Prophecy more and more.

As Luna has talked with the mare and her riders a topic has come out repeatedly. Prophecy's fixation on danger and peril of bows has resulted in some nagging thoughts in Luna's mind. She'd never seen Applebloom not wearing a bow. Either in the waking world or the Dream Realm.

So Luna decided to try a little experiment. When she was asleep and in her own dream fabric she decided to have a dream where she imagined herself removing the filly's bow. Her subconscious's response to this idea was not what she'd expected.

To be continued.

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FYI. If you're wondering where in the hell my subconscious came up with this idea, I'm pretty sure this is the source. Link
grimdark13512 artist:baron engel2075 character:apple bloom27846 character:princess luna65764 species:alicorn136655 species:earth pony141985 species:pony666901 g4281220 apple bloom's bow843 apple family member2392 blood12049 bow15839 cutie mark28555 dialogue44621 dream1722 duo39028 duo female6761 explicit source5595 eye scream150 eyebrows7419 eyelashes5361 female742891 females only7995 filly35911 floppy ears30881 glowing horn12455 grimdark source155 hair bow8788 hairbrush211 horn31457 imminent death1234 levitation7694 magic45476 mare293345 monster1265 nightmare996 sitting38656 spine69 telekinesis17562 text27660 wide eyes10509 young1567


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