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Uploaded to source on 22 November 2021.
safe987541 artist:stahlkat2 character:daybreaker1752 character:princess celestia55891 species:alicorn136360 species:pony664733 g4279600 absurd file size504 absurd resolution44552 canterlot3914 carpet593 clothing298844 corridor39 crown10391 ear fluff17982 feather3474 female741183 fire6730 folded wings3781 gem3587 glowing158 hoof shoes3360 horn30912 jewelry37442 mane of fire879 mare291768 necklace11462 peytral2044 raised leg4624 red eyes3381 red mane279 regalia12164 shoes21996 signature15782 smiling150475 solo626348 sun3834 sunlight607 sunrise696 three quarter view2926 wingding eyes12243 wings69550


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