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From source (31 October 2022):
I play as Sadako a lot in Dead b Daylight so I was inspired by her hair to draw this. Also thought of the funny cookie ida and had to mix it in. Been playing a lot of Dead by Daylight and thought, I want to see Sadako as a pony. So here she is alongside Yoichi.
safe993894 artist:azurllinate97 species:earth pony143608 species:pony671199 species:unicorn186781 g4283351 angry16570 clothing300710 cookie2251 dialogue44919 dress27274 female746508 food42197 ghost1444 ghost pony255 giggling525 hair over eyes557 horn32603 jacket8123 long mane1941 long tail1324 male198139 mare296419 meme38127 nervous3558 plate1088 rage877 rage face208 red face196 sadako20 simple background237035 smiling153358 speech1691 speech bubble14322 stallion65718 sweat13858 sweater8799 tail16266 talking3302 text28013 the ring45 undead813 yelling1922 yoichi asakawa1


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