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From source (8 October 2022):
And now the Great and Terrifying Trixie and the Hidden and Helping Starlight will show you a real night of nightmares!
For the glory of the Nightmare Moon!
safe988237 artist:maslivka5 character:starlight glimmer30596 character:trixie39107 species:pony665374 g4280249 bat1207 blood moon176 cloak2689 clothing299117 curtains1286 digital art10087 duo38727 duo female6565 evil1632 evil eyes42 eyelashes5220 fangs15023 female741882 fog517 full body1181 grass5595 halloween4580 hat52771 holiday10773 horn31063 lock154 looking at you98895 mare292364 moon13596 nightmare night2935 raised hoof28824 scene70 sharp teeth2536 smiling150778 three quarter view3001 wagon643 witch hat1860 wood421


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