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Trixie kept you waiting long enough, huh?

Sorry for being completely absent (at least in terms of regular posts here) for the past two weeks. As an apology, here's an impromptu set of vectors to make up for every missed day since the last post; The First Two Weeks of December™.

And, for the climactic finale of this mini-series, some of you may or may not have seen this coming… Babysitter Trixie! The original Gameloft hit. The main act of our show. Thank you for coming. Now… onto the holiday schedule.

Part 9/9

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safe992656 artist:sketchmcreations219 gameloft1196 character:trixie39189 species:pony669913 species:unicorn186246 g4282458 alternate hairstyle17402 babysitter trixie293 clothing300340 digital art10269 female745271 gameloft interpretation195 hoodie8535 looking at you100076 mare295373 open mouth82908 open smile1464 pigtails2808 raised eyebrow4806 raised hoof29406 simple background236510 smiling152725 solo629494 three quarter view3204 transparent background127149 twintails1145 vector50177


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