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From source (2 November 2022):
I imagine young Sunny being thrilled to meet her idol at a convention, anxious to show off her amazing cosplay.
safe993894 artist:rocket-lawnchair160 character:sunny starscout2409 character:twilight sparkle172467 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)76084 species:alicorn137316 species:earth pony143608 species:pony671199 g4283351 g57710 :s128 clothing300710 cosplay12229 costume16312 crown10559 duo39873 female746508 height difference428 hoof shoes3425 jewelry38395 long mane1941 long neck675 long tail1324 mare296419 necc258 necklace11837 older14495 older twilight933 open mouth83293 open smile1688 peytral2122 princess twilight 2.01304 profile5740 raised hoof29619 regalia12393 shocked4181 shocked expression538 shoes22206 shrunken pupils1923 simple background237035 slim56 smiling153358 sunny and her heroine62 surprised5720 surprised face55 tail16266 tall234 the burdened11 wavy mouth2234 white background55893


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