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From source (22 August 2022):
commission 4/8
safe993913 artist:oofycolorful527 part of a set7773 character:starlight glimmer30703 character:trixie39211 species:pony671219 species:unicorn186794 g4283362 bandage3395 bandaid1047 bandaid on nose24 beanie2190 bow15959 bracelet6414 candy3954 clothing300723 commission39197 converse3549 cute129583 decora7 diatrixes2196 duo39878 fashion319 female746530 food42200 glimmerbetes2787 hair bow8876 harajuku36 hat53270 high res18222 hoof shoes3425 horn32615 jar616 jewelry38398 mare296435 open mouth83295 open smile1689 semi-anthro6937 shoes22206 smiling153372 sneakers3617 tail16267 underhoof27748


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