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From source (15 October 2022):
Twilight ship asks’ galore.
safe987554 artist:chub-wub394 part of a set7447 character:king sombra7304 character:twilight sparkle172021 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75791 species:alicorn136362 species:pony664747 species:umbrum786 species:unicorn184290 ship:twibra190 g4279617 alternate hairstyle17280 armor14862 ask16334 blushing105577 chibi8540 cloak2689 clothing298856 crown10391 cute126891 duo38623 eyes closed54504 female741199 gray background4247 grin22219 jewelry37443 male196712 mare291778 raised hoof28736 regalia12164 shipping103266 simple background234818 smiling150480 sombradorable192 stallion64637 straight64125 tumblr22939 twiabetes7965


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