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From source (8 February 2021):
Car Rides with Dash
I wanted to give a carefree feel to this, road trips came into mind and I miss them.
#MLPFiM #mlp #mylittlepony #fanart

If Dash was being this adorable in my passenger seat I would crash because I couldn't stop staring.
safe989777 artist:taytinabelle100 character:rainbow dash129675 species:pegasus186555 species:pony666969 g4281280 behaving like a dog913 blurred background396 blushing105861 car3265 cheek fluff3612 chest fluff23379 cloud18324 cute127833 dashabetes6427 dawwww2665 ear fluff18288 eyes closed54771 female742961 floppy ears30888 fluffy8955 happy18902 mare293410 open mouth82168 profile5351 seatbelt82 smiling151411 solo627704 spread wings33575 windswept mane1831 wing fluff1112 wings70389


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