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Made this vector bash for my private Discord server, but figured I'd upload it here in case anybody else wanted to use it~

Hearth's Warming Eve Tree vector by andoanimalia
Xmas Pipp by Limedazzle
Xmas Zipp by Limedazzle
Xmas Izzy by Limedazzle
Xmas Sunny by Limedazzle
Xmas Hitch by Limedazzle
safe992613 artist:andoanimalia580 artist:limedazzle457 editor:kaifloof8 part of a set7666 character:hitch trailblazer955 character:izzy moonbow2621 character:pipp petals1719 character:sunny starscout2214 character:zipp storm1260 species:alicorn137077 species:deer3507 species:earth pony143066 species:pegasus187616 species:pony669867 species:reindeer1117 species:unicorn186236 g4282408 g56980 my little pony: a new generation1096 adorapipp531 adorazipp283 alicornified3070 alternate hairstyle17402 antlers1192 artificial horn99 artificial wings1013 augmented1653 blaze (coat marking)1503 bow15916 christmas7782 christmas lights943 christmas tree2327 circlet790 clothing300331 cloven hooves6548 coat markings2216 colored eyebrows1854 colored hooves5859 colored wings4422 cute129027 cutie mark28602 decoration333 digital art10269 eyebrows8158 female745231 flying24617 g5 to g4102 gradient hair3113 hair bow8843 happy19042 happy holidays73 hearth's warming tree91 high res17936 hitchbetes158 holiday10953 hooves13250 hybrid10252 izzybetes771 lights580 looking at you100060 magic horn159 magic wings544 male197784 mare295331 multicolored hair5497 multicolored wings2452 one eye closed17413 open mouth82893 open smile1451 original species14027 pipp wings1574 plant1356 pose3444 race swap8383 raised hoof29393 scarf13875 signature16928 simple background236502 smiling152697 socks37407 spread wings34033 stallion65466 sultry pose1130 sunnycorn144 three quarter view3200 tinsel38 transparent background127148 tree19784 underhoof27605 unshorn fetlocks17644 vector50177 wings71294 wink14302 winking at you528


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