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From source (5 December 2022):
remember when she was the first pony in ponyville she met
safe987456 artist:alexbeeza3 character:pinkie pie120095 character:twilight sparkle172010 character:twilight sparkle (unicorn)9904 species:earth pony141356 species:pony664648 species:unicorn184252 g4279532 my little pony: friendship is magic163146 abstract background8875 blushing105568 chest fluff23059 coat markings1783 colored eyebrows1478 cute126832 diapinkes6386 duo38608 duo female6547 eye clipping through hair3782 eyebrows6737 female741098 looking at each other11827 looking at someone397 mare291684 open mouth81578 open smile800 pink background1548 profile5180 simple background234788 smiling150444 sweat13739 sweatdrop1820 twiabetes7961


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