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From source (15 July 2022):
the mane 5! (commission for @connor_gregory8 )
safe993331 artist:leo1996952519 character:hitch trailblazer1024 character:izzy moonbow2713 character:pipp petals1797 character:sunny starscout2306 character:zipp storm1339 species:earth pony143339 species:pegasus187904 species:pony670601 species:unicorn186553 episode:hearth's warming eve959 g4282934 g57377 my little pony: friendship is magic163308 adorapipp569 adorazipp310 blaze (coat marking)1579 blushing106469 christmas7788 clothing300543 commission39146 couch4842 crown10538 cute129338 eating6148 eyebrows8406 eyebrows visible through hair3031 female745925 gradient hair3214 group2234 hearth's warming523 high res18116 hitchbetes183 holiday10965 horn32407 izzybetes813 jewelry38285 male197964 mane981 mane g5197 mare295961 multicolored hair5614 onesie389 open mouth83125 pajamas2021 phone3852 pipp wings1651 present3508 quintet62 regalia12367 simple background236764 sitting39032 smiling153041 stallion65596 sunnybetes646 tail16140 white background55804


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