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From source (15 July 2022):
the mane 5! (commission for @connor_gregory8 )
safe987542 artist:leo199695257 character:hitch trailblazer676 character:izzy moonbow2114 character:pipp petals1221 character:sunny starscout1662 character:zipp storm810 species:earth pony141376 species:pegasus185661 species:pony664734 species:unicorn184283 episode:hearth's warming eve956 g4279600 g54879 my little pony: friendship is magic163150 adorapipp318 adorazipp138 blaze (coat marking)1218 blushing105577 christmas7700 clothing298844 commission38593 couch4809 crown10391 cute126884 eating6081 eyebrows6753 eyebrows visible through hair2368 female741184 gradient hair2574 group2139 hearth's warming516 high res16777 hitchbetes83 holiday10755 horn30912 izzybetes572 jewelry37442 male196711 mane975 mane g5188 mare291768 multicolored hair4869 onesie388 open mouth81600 pajamas2011 phone3747 pipp wings1093 present3487 quintet50 regalia12164 simple background234816 sitting38429 smiling150476 stallion64635 sunnybetes422 tail15369 white background55079


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