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From source (6 July 2021):
Twidash! Fav ship and OG jock/nerd

Twitter description (6 July 2021):
Twidash! Fav ship and OG jock/nerd❤️
safe987554 artist:chub-wub394 character:rainbow dash129481 character:twilight sparkle172021 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75791 character:zipp storm812 species:alicorn136362 species:pegasus185666 species:pony664747 ship:twidash3155 g4279617 g54885 my little pony: a new generation987 absurd resolution44552 blushing105577 bust28720 chest fluff23067 eye clipping through hair3787 eyebrows6756 eyebrows visible through hair2369 fangs15008 feather in hair32 female741199 generation leap3365 heart25536 hoof on chest362 hooves12185 hug17073 implied magical lesbian spawn24 implied offspring5 lesbian50890 lidded eyes19705 looking at each other11832 mare291778 one eye closed17200 open mouth81605 sharp teeth2516 shipping103266 simple background234818 sitting38431 smiling150480 spread wings33117 text27523 trio5987 trio female839 wavy mouth2213 white background55080 wingboner4012 winghug1764 wings69551


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