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From source (14 November 2022):
This drawing has been sitting on my desktop since 2019, all I had to do was add some of the white swirls to the hair and then it was done. I hope you like it!

This design has tons of merch types available on my RedBubble!…

Celestia/MLP are owned by Hasbro. The artwork belongs to me.
safe993341 artist:emeraldparrot9 character:princess celestia55989 species:alicorn137226 species:pony670611 g4282942 bust29056 crown10538 female745935 jewelry38286 looking at you100300 mare295971 necklace11781 peytral2112 portrait19579 profile5656 regalia12367 signature17137 smiling153050 smiling at you2340 solo629908 sternocleidomastoid11


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