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Uploaded to source on 6 November 2022.

Twitter description (6 November 2022):
Starlight Glimmer & Sugar Belle
For QuantamFlash

You can get a discount for commissions, from 1% to 15%, depending of the tier on our Patreon:
safe987457 artist:lummh346 character:horte cuisine68 character:starlight glimmer30565 character:sugar belle1876 species:anthro147344 species:earth pony141356 species:unguligrade anthro28263 species:unicorn184253 g4279533 awkward592 bow tie5982 check20 clothing298811 clover cafe10 commission38587 cup4008 cute126833 dialogue44527 dress27119 equal13 equal sign96 eyebrows6737 facial hair3921 female741099 floppy ears30694 grin22214 hay857 hay bale666 high res16762 hoof shoes3359 horn30906 jacket8003 looking at each other11827 looking at someone397 male196704 mare291685 moustache1759 mushroom table10 nervous3503 nervous grin677 pictogram1178 plate1066 ptsd102 question mark2586 savoir fare1 shoes21993 simple background234789 sitting38418 sitting at table3 skirt23822 smiling150445 speech bubble14122 spoon878 stallion64628 suit3494 sweat13739 sweatdrops296 table5721 tail15363 text27517 towel2320 trio5987 tuxedo824 waiter113


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