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From source (23 December 2022):
merry christmas for everyone! <3

Moonlit Breeze enjoying the holidays with her boyfriend, Night Crawl

Night Crawl, Moonlit Breeze © me
safe987541 artist:spookyle242 oc375889 oc only252711 oc:moonlit breeze17 oc:night crawl1 species:bat pony29737 species:kirin5352 species:pony664733 g4279600 bat pony oc10153 bat wings4768 christmas7700 christmas stocking313 christmas tree2313 clothing298844 colored hooves5031 cute126883 female741183 fire6730 fireplace1561 holiday10755 hooves12183 kirin oc797 magic45329 male196711 non-pony oc643 ocbetes3699 signature15782 sitting38429 snow8571 snowfall2723 stallion64635 sweater8748 tree19610 unshorn fetlocks16628 window5203 wings69550


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