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From source (30 October 2016):
Here it is! Sorry for the wait.
And well, who's next?
We decided to make now a fixed order for the simulators:
Rainbow Dash
But first we will upload in the coming weeks a bonus simulator. An animation.You may want to check our other animations:
Creative solution
Check out the other Pony Simulators!
safe987554 artist:doublewbrothers62 character:rarity105017 character:sweetie belle26162 oc375893 oc:anon4382 species:human74989 species:pony664747 g4279617 bellyrubs626 blushing105577 bracelet6143 clothing298856 comic66307 cute126891 dialogue44532 diasweetes1882 dress27122 eyes closed54504 eyeshadow8804 fabulous408 first person view285 glowing horn12311 hand4663 happy ending72 hat52703 holding2094 holding a pony1705 into the trash it goes37 jewelry37443 levitation7636 lips548 looking85 looking at you98590 magic45333 makeover250 makeup11448 messy mane4686 nail polish4366 nails182 offscreen character17489 onomatopoeia2114 open mouth81605 ouch646 petting1048 pony simulator7 pov6289 raribetes3521 raspberry601 ring1542 self-levitation438 simulator18 smiling150480 sun hat571 sunglasses8724 sweat13739 sweatdrop1820 telekinesis17475 text27523 this ended in the trash1 trash257 trash can461 tummy buzz112 unamused9767 wahaha89 washing175


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