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From source (31 December 2022):
The original 😅
safe987554 artist:trickyy902 part of a set7447 oc375893 oc only252713 species:earth pony141383 species:pegasus185666 species:pony664747 g4279617 armor14862 collar17264 colored hooves5033 colored wings4200 cute126891 ear piercing14579 earth pony oc2989 front view344 full face view379 gray background4247 grenade253 hooves12185 jewelry37443 looking at you98590 lying down9497 male196712 multicolored wings2252 neebs gaming2 ocbetes3699 open mouth81605 open smile810 pegasus oc4261 piercing22268 ponified20213 ponyloaf244 profile5194 prone15654 raised hoof28736 signature15787 simple background234818 smiling150480 species swap12363 spread wings33117 stallion64637 three quarter view2926 tongue out54466 two toned wings1613 unshorn fetlocks16629 wings69551


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