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so, you ever think about how each mane 6 met before twilight showed up? i do. and i also enjoy taking every chance i get to bring more raripie into the world.

so here´s what im thinking:

a little older but still smol pinkie is already on the road around equestria, visiting places to spread joy. she makes a stop in ponyville, spends a day bringing happiness, its nearing evening n she´s almost ready to stop to pack n head out again. that´s when she sees a new pony and-

oh, wow, that unicorn is really pretty!

ponk is so distracted by sudden pretty she falls off her balancing act right towards the unicorn. hoping to save face and impress the mysterious stranger she does a lil airbone acrobatics before landing right at the mare´s feet with a little "ta-dah!" and a fwee for good measure.

rarity is flabbergasted for approximately 0.5 seconds before she laughs.

they chat a bit, having a great time.

"oh, so you´re a traveler? good thing ive got to meet you before you go then."


then you know, ponk finds out that, actually, ponyville is quite cool! theres the cakes and applejack and ponies are nice and laugh a lot, she could settle down here.

plus, she and rarity go gem collecting sometimes, because when you grow up on a rock farm and have maud for a sister you know a lot of stuff that´s useful for someone who is a fashionista with flair for gem embroidery into clothes. and pinkie pie really enjoys being rarity´s friend! and as the years go by, wow, rarity just keeps getting prettier, isn´t that wild.

cue 250k+ friends to lovers slowburn over the years
safe987457 artist:bringina56 manebooru original342 character:pinkie pie120095 character:rarity105009 species:classical unicorn2309 species:earth pony141356 species:pony664649 species:unicorn184253 ship:raripie523 g4279533 ball2135 cart987 chest fluff23059 cloven hooves6467 ear fluff17975 first meeting11 fluffy8883 freckles17921 fwee8 gemstones66 leg fluff2147 leonine tail4845 manechat challenge147 multicolored hooves24 party horn335 simple background234789 surprised5676 tail15363 toy6984 unshorn fetlocks16624


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