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From source (14 January 2023):
The sisters

#mylittlepony #MLP #PrincessCelestia #PrincessLuna #mlpfim #Luna #Celestia #furryart #furryartwork
safe987537 artist:hexecat14 character:princess celestia55891 character:princess luna65713 species:alicorn136359 species:pony664727 g4279593 bust28719 crown10391 female741177 hug17073 jewelry37442 looking at you98584 mare291763 necklace11462 open mouth81599 open smile809 peytral2044 regalia12164 signature15780 simple background234813 smiling150474 smiling at you1569 sparkles2901 winghug1764 wings69547 yellow background784


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