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From source (22 January 2023):
Moonlit mist very loved the night beacuse she got inspired for her spooky stuffs and art <3

Moonlit mist ©me
safe989720 artist:spookyle242 oc376383 oc only253091 oc:moonlit dust3 oc:moonlit mist7 species:bat pony29807 species:pony666922 g4281243 bat pony oc10198 bow15840 cute127805 cute little fangs1472 fangs15054 female742908 hair bow8789 looking at you99295 mare293362 moon13622 night15703 ocbetes3804 open mouth82144 open smile1049 sharp teeth2575 smiling151380 smiling at you1835 solo627669 three quarter view3059


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