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From source (22 January 2023):
Moonlit mist very loved the night beacuse she got inspired for her spooky stuffs and art <3

Moonlit mist ©me
safe986784 artist:spookyle237 oc375697 oc only252557 oc:moonlit dust3 oc:moonlit mist5 species:bat pony29713 species:pony663946 g4278844 bat pony oc10143 bow15741 cute126557 cute little fangs1455 fangs14992 female740426 hair bow8716 looking at you98338 mare291056 moon13553 night15626 ocbetes3652 open mouth81424 open smile758 sharp teeth2499 smiling150220 smiling at you1514 solo625743 three quarter view2780


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