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From source (22 January 2023):
I had to wait once during one of my shifts… in that period, i normally had a piece of post it and a pen to draw while I had to wait on some long processes at work, and a sketch was born… I recently found that sketch again, and this painting is the result of it.

What if the princess still dreams about the jealousy, anger and bitterness that Luna once had against her sister?
Could it be just a bad dream… or an omen to something worse?

Hope you like it!

Luna / Nightmare Moon and Twilight are © HASBRO
Brush-stroke is © me.
safe986784 artist:zubirus2 character:nightmare moon9433 character:princess luna65684 character:twilight sparkle171938 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75732 oc375697 oc:brush stroke76 species:alicorn136207 species:pony663946 species:unicorn183958 g4278844 alternate hairstyle17263 armor14787 armored pony42 big wings1011 body armor78 clothing298536 constellation498 digital art10031 digital painting210 female740426 fog515 glowing148 glowing horn12254 helmet6790 hoof shoes3318 horn30777 jewelry37343 magic45270 mare291056 menacing211 necklace11418 peytral2017 ponytail11581 princess shoes97 shoes21914 slim40 standing6868 sternocleidomastoid3 sword6895 telekinesis17438 thin52 weapon17551 wings69258


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