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Uploaded to source on 14 January 2023.

Uploaded to Twitter on 13 January 2023.
safe993445 artist:miokomata776 character:fluttershy116186 species:pegasus187923 species:pony670654 g4283029 aside glance106 beige background59 bipedal20359 blep5347 blushing106486 chest fluff23704 clothing300572 colored hooves6056 cute129355 female746007 floppy ears31188 freckles18347 freckleshy180 high res18126 hooves13490 looking at you100306 mare295998 profile5659 shyabetes8809 silly4673 simple background236784 smiling153086 smiling at you2343 socks37450 solo629946 spread wings34196 tongue out54883 wings71588


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