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From source (25 January 2023):
Moonlit Mist really enjoying the working because she is looved drawing especially if she draw spooky things ( yupp she drawing with her wings and yupp her wings bigger than normal bat pony )

Moonlit Mist © me
safe988302 artist:spookyle242 oc376113 oc:moonlit dust3 oc:moonlit mist7 species:bat pony29769 species:pony665449 g4280299 bat pony oc10175 bat wings4789 bed22792 bedroom5729 cute127302 drawing2492 female741953 indoors1642 looking at you98920 lying down9545 mare292423 moon13598 night15677 night sky1185 prone15679 sky8784 smiling150805 solo626965 spread wings33300 three quarter view3005 wing hands1294 wings69874


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