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From source (22 July 2022):
Twilight! Nothing out of the ordinary this time, just a usual sorcerer that comes to mind first.
safe992656 artist:asimos177 part of a set7666 character:twilight sparkle172375 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)76028 species:alicorn137096 species:anthro147784 species:plantigrade anthro18236 g4282458 boots13116 breasts156386 clothing300340 colored eyebrows1858 detached sleeves111 eyebrows8173 fantasy class901 female745271 mare295373 shoes22156 simple background236510 solo629494 sorcerer20 spread wings34054 staff1866 thigh boots481 three quarter view3204 warrior795 warrior twilight sparkle30 wings71327 yellow background802


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