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From source (20 October 2022):
Commission for FOXTrot3 , somehow I forgot to publish it here 6_9 Really lovely character!
safe992656 artist:asimos177 oc377211 oc only253714 oc:karakusa2 species:anthro147784 species:earth pony143073 species:plantigrade anthro18236 g4282458 belt3380 boots13116 clothing300340 colored eyebrows1858 earth pony oc3123 eyebrows8173 female745271 filly36047 foal9107 gray background4343 hand4712 hand on hip3567 hips1926 jewelry38185 loot4 ring1564 shoes22156 signature16944 simple background236510 smiling152725 solo629494 thigh boots481 three quarter view3204 young1758


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