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From source (31 January 2023):
her eyes shine in the dark just like other bat pony, but she can't see so well in the dark.

Moonlit Mist © me
safe987457 artist:spookyle242 oc375868 oc:moonlit mist7 species:bat pony29735 species:pony664649 g4279533 bat pony oc10150 bat wings4765 choker6384 collar17264 cute126833 cute little fangs1460 fangs15007 female741099 food41720 freckles17921 full moon2142 halloween4578 holiday10755 jack-o-lantern1262 jewelry37434 looking at you98551 mare291685 moon13576 necklace11459 night15656 night sky1178 ocbetes3692 open mouth81578 pumpkin2320 sharp teeth2515 signature15762 sky8747 solo626282 spread wings33097 three quarter view2913 wings69514


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