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safe989757 artist:anotherdeadrat42 character:autumn blaze2466 character:king sombra7302 species:kirin5415 species:pony666952 species:umbrum788 species:unicorn185009 g4281272 abstract background8974 bedroom eyes31627 blushing105857 cloven hooves6511 colored hooves5237 crack shipping1870 dialogue44622 duo39047 eyebrows7469 fangs15055 female742945 flirting825 glowing187 glowing horn12461 hooves12511 horn31497 king sombra is not amused17 lidded eyes19774 magic45483 magic aura2912 male197014 mug2611 open mouth82160 seduction139 sexy17974 sharp teeth2577 shipping103453 signature16429 simple background235516 somblaze1 stallion64888 straight64186 stupid sexy autumn blaze33 tail15637 tail seduce195 telekinesis17564 text27662 three quarter view3060 unamused9805 unshorn fetlocks16890


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