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One of my patrons asked for Starlight Glimmer ( Sunlight Bolt ) for the monthly YCH, and one of my patrons ( Meganought ) asked for Twilight, so naturally I had to combine the two into one cohesive piece to double the cuteness!

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Update: Thank you all so much for the love on this piece- pretty sure this is the most popular piece of pony art I've ever uploaded, much to my surprise! <3
safe988302 artist:confetticakez781 patreon reward998 character:starlight glimmer30596 character:twilight sparkle172077 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)75828 species:alicorn136493 species:pony665449 species:unicorn184555 g4280299 ballerina590 ballet238 ballet slippers164 clothing299144 commission38665 cute127302 duo38733 duo female6567 eyes closed54603 female741953 glimmerbetes2753 glimmerina46 gradient background7808 mare292423 open mouth81825 open smile893 patreon6544 purple background1720 simple background235130 skirt23834 smiling150805 standing6887 standing on one leg321 tutu672 twiabetes7992 twilarina245 your character here6967


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