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From source (9 September 2014):
Still getting the hang of ToonBoom. Workflow still feels a bit awkward for me.

Have an animated Pinkie Pie
safe993935 artist:kanashiipanda21 character:pinkie pie120331 species:earth pony143620 species:pony671235 g4283368 allen wrench1 animated64746 bolts12 candy3954 candy cane1397 cannon549 christmas7792 crosscut saw78 cute129593 diapinkes6465 drink3493 engie pie30 engineering22 female746549 fixing25 flag1982 food42200 frame by frame1900 hammer1014 holding2292 holiday10985 juice807 juice box583 mallet113 mare296449 mouth hold11008 party cannon1062 photoshop2130 saw188 schematics7 sledgehammer96 smiling153385 smooth as butter31 solo630265 tools130 vice3 vise5 weapon17672 wrench425


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