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Waking up at night after a good night’s sleep and getting ready to put in a hard night’s work before spending the rest of the night with her bat boyfriend
safe993894 artist:paskanaakka826 derpibooru original13870 oc377522 oc only253888 oc:midnight dew210 species:pony671199 species:unicorn186781 episode:the cutie re-mark2197 g4283351 my little pony: friendship is magic163323 alternate timeline1835 brush1020 brushing262 clothing300710 colored hooves6204 cutie mark28634 ear fluff18742 explicit source5774 eyebrows8523 eyelashes5581 eyeshadow8982 female746508 hairbrush213 hooves13655 lidded eyes19966 magic45763 makeup11661 mare296419 night15817 night sky1264 nightmare takeover timeline372 sky9037 socks37463 solo630250 stars9286 stockings19160 tail16266 tail wrap3500 thigh highs19921 uniforn2 unshorn fetlocks18052 window5273


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