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Waking up at night after a good night’s sleep and getting ready to put in a hard night’s work before spending the rest of the night with her bat boyfriend
safe989760 artist:paskanaakka794 derpibooru original13488 oc376388 oc only253094 oc:midnight dew192 species:pony666955 species:unicorn185010 episode:the cutie re-mark2190 g4281274 my little pony: friendship is magic163207 alternate timeline1828 brush1015 brushing261 clothing299541 colored hooves5237 cutie mark28555 ear fluff18289 explicit source5596 eyebrows7471 eyelashes5362 eyeshadow8841 female742948 hairbrush211 hooves12511 lidded eyes19774 magic45483 makeup11498 mare293397 night15707 night sky1205 nightmare takeover timeline366 sky8872 socks37280 solo627698 stars9185 stockings19110 tail15638 tail wrap3490 thigh highs19830 uniforn2 unshorn fetlocks16890 window5228


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