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From source (11 March 2023):
Twilight drawings I meant to post a while ago, hope you guys enjoy!

#twilightsparkle #mlpfim #mlpart

DeviantArt description (11 March 2023):
Made this page of Twilight, was super fun to draw! I might think of doing OC drawing pages like this.
safe992656 artist:chewy-tartz2 artist:sprucieexoxo1 character:twilight sparkle172375 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)76028 species:alicorn137096 species:pony669913 g4282458 book20621 chibi8586 cute129046 eyes closed55072 female745271 folded wings4130 mare295373 older14470 older twilight928 traditional art65933 twiabetes8103 wings71327


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